Monday, August 29, 2011

Superdonkey's Game of the Week

     This is a game that has aged almost perfectly throughout the years. Everything from the graphics to the actual gunplay, are still pretty decent even by today's standards. That's saying something for a game made in 04. So with no further adieu, i present my pick for the must play game of this week, Counter-Strike: Source.

    For those of you who have never played CSS, it is a very fast paced FPS shooter. It was made as an updated version of the very popular Half-Life mod Counter Strike. They changed a few aspects of the game and used the all new source engine to run it on, hence the name Counter Strike: Source. The gameplay in this game is that of your typical twitch shooter, very fast paced and headshots galore. What sets it apart from other games in the genre, is that your gun is not always going to shoot at where your crosshairs are pointed. This is where the realism of CS:S takes effect. You actually have to control your gun and learn how it recoils and what to do to control it. This isn't going to be like most modern shooters, where after a few seconds of recoil your gun wont jump up anymore, and then you can aim the gun back down and spray bulletes in a near perfect line. No, you actually have to use controlled burst-fire and aim for the vital points of your opponent such as the chest and head. Headshots in this game are devastating. If your are shot in the head with any kind of armor piercing round, you are immediately dead, regardless if you have a helmet or not. There are a lot of skilled people at this game, and believe me, it takes a while to start getting a good K:D ratio and performing well in games, so if your're a very violent gamer without a lot of patience, you might want to have some stuff ready to break if you decide to play this.

 Once you get good with the Desert Eagle, it's damn near as good as an assault rifle in close range.

     The graphics in this game have aged beautifully. The source engine still looks good to this day, and it can be run on even the most low power machines. My netbook can even run this game, although it looks very shitty, but it plays normal and the framerate stays smooth and stable. If you've ever fired a gun in your life you might find that some of the animations are off. The m4 animation is way off and it sometimes bugs me so much that i can't even stand to reload the gun (I mean c'mon he pulls on the forward assist! Did valve even bother to look at an m4!?)  For the most part though everything looks fine. The physics in this game are another major plus for me. Almost every object can be moved by either grenades or a good old fashioned bullet hosedown. There is also nothing more satisfying than finally getting that kill on someone, and to watch his body ragdoll down a flight of stairs.

Still looks good to me.

     Sound in this game varies from server to server. Some will have the original CS:S sounds still in effect, then others will have changed them to quake sounds. You can turn off the option to download custom sounds, but i sort of like them. It gives each server it's own unique feel. Nothing else really stand out to me sound-wise in this game. There are all the normal sounds you would find in a modern FPS, footsteps, gunfire, shattering glass, explosions. Nothing really sounds out of the ordinary.

     All in all, CS:S is a game that has both been loved, and at times, extremely hated by me throughout my years of playing it. With the new CS:GO coming out soon, and the recent price drop on steam, you would be insane not to pick this up right now if you haven't played it.

Gameplay: 9
Graphics: 7 
Sound: 7
Value: 9.5


  1. wahhh, get out of my head! started playing css again a few days ago, and still love it :D

  2. I haven't played the Counter Strike games, but I have heard good things about them. That game does look pretty good, and graphically at least it does stand up to todays games.

  3. Can't get enough of Counter Strike buddy. Such an awesome set of games. Cool review, followed!

  4. Counter strike has always been cool. Nice blog +followed

  5. 100% Agreed, my personal fave. +Followed

  6. looks like a cool game

  7. Excellent choice sir! CS:S is a classic!

  8. I wish I could still play CS. So old but so good.

  9. After playing again for myself i still think that your ratings are a little kind, to say the least. The gameplay is still great, as ever, but it seems to me the graphics offering is on a par with the sound effects that are both a little outdated to say the least!

    Nevertheless, great and through review, I'll follow and look forward to more!

  10. This game was fun but I got my ass handed to me so often.

  11. great post
    i like your blog (:

  12. how could you not like this game, one of my favorites before i got into the 360 games.